Kerasorema beach, is a beach accessible only by boat in the North side of Skopelos island.

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Kerasorema Beach is an isolated beach, with white pebbles on the North side of Skopelos. It is accessible only by boat. Kerasorema Beach is next to Sarres Beach. It is a paradise on earth. Fantastic beach with white pebbles and beautiful deep blue waters.

The beach is completely unorganized. Kerasorema is a virgin landscape with amazing deep seawater. Together with the nearby beach of Sarres, it can be described as the equivalent of the beach of Lalaria in neighboring Skiathos.

It is a highly recommended beach to enjoy the sunset. Because it is a north beach, be aware of the weather conditions before visiting it.

Skopelos boasts the title of the greenest island in the Aegean, with virgin pine forests covering approximately 80% of its land.

The special feature of Skopelos is its green beaches where the pines take root in the sea. There are beaches for all tastes. Popular beaches, famous beaches, beaches to discover, and those earthy paradises that are accessible only by boat. Kerasorema Beach is one of those.

If you do not have your boat you can rent one on Skopelos Island to discover the only by-boat beaches. There are several tourist offices on the island for renting a boat. On the other hand, if you do have your own, everything you need you will find on the boat stores on the island.

The care and attention of all of us are necessary for the beautiful natural landscape of Skopelos to remain. We all need to respect the environment so that we can always admire the beauties of Skopelos Island.