Pizza La Tana

Skopelos, Pizzeria, Pizza baked in a wood fire oven, Italian, Greek
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Skopelos Pizza La Tana is located in Skopelos Chora, in a picturesque alley. The restaurant offers a magnificent pizza experience. La Tana is a great spot if someone wishes to enjoy the best pizza in town in a cozy environment.

At pizzeria La Tana, in Skopelos Chora, pizza is baked in a wooden fire oven.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very relaxing. The personnel is extremely accurate and friendly. The warm environment is also a must in that place. Tables and chairs are comfortable.

The menu contains a variety of Italian and Greek flavors. Pizza in many versions, classic, calzone, and Giga. Someone could taste margarita, capricciosa, special, ala cream, bbq, greek, spicy, parma, pineapple, and many other delicious choices.

Pasta, such as spaghetti, penne, and tortellini. Someone could taste carbonara, napolitan, pesto, bolognese, four cheeses, primavera, and much more.

The menu offers also cool fresh salad and a perfect chocolate pizza dessert.

All the ingredients are fresh and of excellent quality. The pizzeria offers delicious, quality food in a cozy atmosphere.

Pizzeria La Tana, in Skopelos Town, opens in the afternoon and evening hours and remains open until late at night. It is a wonderful choice for both afternoon and night out. This restaurant is a place for both families and your couple.

Moreover, the pizza La Tana offers delivery services, daily from 18:00 to 23:00.




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