Rania & Panos

Moving in Skopelos by Taxi. Rania Panos. TAE 7245
Mobile Phone: +30 697 977 7830

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The couple Rania and Panos offer excellent taxi services on the lush island of Skopelos.

Furthermore, Rania & Panos offer their Taxi services in Glossa, their car has the number plate TAE 7245.

Mrs. Rania speaks English fluently and uses WhatsApp.
She has a vaccination certificate of Covid-19.


On Skopelos island the routes are covered in short time due to short distances. Always depending on the route, the farthest distance may be less than one hour.

The cost of the route is calculated based on the race, there is also the minimum route cost. It would be reasonable, therefore, to clarify how much for any route you want to do in Skopelos, whether it is close or distant.

TIP: Taxis can be picked up from 1 to 4 persons.


Taxis can be found in three points in Skopelos:


From Skopelos to:
Stafilos: 8,50 €
Agnontas: 13,00 €
Limnonari: € 15.00
Panormos: € 19.00
Milia and Kastani: 22,00 €
Neo Klima: 28,00 €
Glossa: 35,00 €
Loutraki: 40,00 €
Minimum Route: 4.40 €

Skopelos General information

Skopelos is considered the greenest island in the Aegean and Northern Sporades. More than 80% of the island is covered by pine forests. The special feature of Skopelos is its green beaches. The pines literally take root in the sea. Skopelos is also characterized as the green on the blue island. But apart from the enchanting beaches, with the green landscape and the clear blue waters, the island of Skopelos has other beauties to see. Monasteries, chests and other attractions.


Language Spoken:
Loutraki 370 04 GR
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