Alexander’s Garden Restaurant

Skopelos, Mediterranean, Greek, Vegetarian Friendly

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The Alexander’s Garden Restaurant is located in the beautiful alleys, high in Skopelos Town. Moreover, the Alexandros Garden restaurant is in a wonderful blooming courtyard, full of jasmine, lemon trees, island pines, and an imposing well that has been there for over 200 years.

Furthermore, the dishes that stand out at the Alexander’s Garden Restaurant in Skopelos Town are those with grilled meat. Since they are all juicy and well-baked. You also have to try the pork with plums. The plumps are gathered from the garden. Other special flavors are goat kid, rooster in wine sauce as well as veal cooked in a special pot. On the menu, there are also fresh salad and delicious starters.

From drinks, you can also choose the bulk wine of the restaurant. The Alexander’s Garden Restaurant is a good choice for evening outings and enjoyable dinners.

Excellent place, full of smells, tasteful flavors, and excellent service. The fabulous garden, the prompt service, the warm environment, the relaxing music, and the well-cooked food are the main features at Skopelos Restaurant Alexandros Garden, in Skopelos Town.


Skopelos 370 03 GR
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