Legends of Skopelos

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Legends of Skopelos


Prince Stafylos

In ancient times the name of Skopelos was Peparithos. Peparithos and his brother Staphylos were the first inhabitants of the island in the 15th century. The myth shows Staphylos as the first resident with his brother Peparithos to follow him. Sons of God Dionysus, the god of wine, and Ariadne, the daughter of the Cretan emperor Minos, prince Staphylos built the first settlement of the island, but not the homonymous beach. His tomb is on the beach. Staphylos was a hero and was affiliated with Jason and the Argonauts.


In Skopelos, there is an impressive rock with the name “dracontoshisma”. The name of the rock is part of a traditional legend of Skopelos.

800 years earlier, a terrible dragon made his way to Skopelos, who killed and ate the islanders. It was impossible to live there and everyone left. Moreover, from the adjacent islands, they would send their criminals to be eaten.

When Saint Riginos heard about this situation he wanted to exterminate him. He ascended, like a sailor on a ship with convicts. When the dragon saw the saint it got really scared. A chase started and they both ended up in the position between Staphylos and Amarantos. Not having anywhere to escape to, the dragon jumped into the sea. The sea was parted and the area was called “dracontoshisma”.

Elia Beach also took its name when Saint Riginos exclaimed “Where the mercy of God is the dragon?”.

Adrina Beach

Adrina Beach got its name from the pirated Adriana. Adriana was the only female pirate that spread fear and terror throughout the North Aegean. On one of her trips, she had robbed, along with her companions, a Venetian ship. The treasure she had gathered was of immense value. But her comrades, along with her beloved, were involved in a battle with the Skopelites where all of them were killed. As soon as she heard the unpleasant news, she secretly hid her treasure and climbed on the rock, and committed suicide.

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Legends of Skopelos