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Skopelos, Mediterranean, Greek

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The traditional Blo Tavern is right on the pebble beach of Panormos, on Skopelos Island offering authentic traditional dishes. You will also eat fresh salads, pasta, grilled meat, and seafood.

Taverna Blo at Panormos in Skopelos also works as a cafeteria. In fact, it remains open from morning till late in the evening. So, you can also enjoy your coffee, drink, juice, or refreshment in the taverna.

Except for the dining tables, Taverna Blo also offers free sun loungers at the magnificent Panormos beach. The loungers on the beach of Panormos are ideal for moments of fun and relaxation.

Therefore, at the restaurant, you can enjoy your coffee as well as free sun loungers on the beach.

Moreover, Blo Taverna is in an idyllic location. In the taverna, you will enjoy delicious greek recipes. You will also taste fresh salads, delicious pasta, juicy roast meat, and fresh seafood. All the food, in Skopelos Taverna Blo, is made with fresh ingredients from Skopelos Island.

Panormos beach is often the first choice for visitors. The unique beauty of Panormos beach combines the green of nature with the blue of the sea. Panormos is located at a distance of  12 kilometers from the picturesque Skopelos Town. By car, you will need approximately 20 minutes.

The summer atmosphere, the breeze of the seawater, the familiar environment, and the authentic Greek tastes will fascinate you.

Panormos Skopelos 370 03 Blo, Panormos Skopelos, Greece
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