Skopelos Carnival

The most famous customs of the Carnival in Skopelos is the wedding procession, "Bramdes" and “Trata”

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Carnival in Skopelos

The Carnival in Skopelos lasts three weeks. Skopelos has always enjoyed the festivities especially the last two. Carnival was celebrated from ancient times, that is why we can see traditions from the ancient god Dionysus. For Skopelos it is a great entertainment event for all ages and social classes. In the old days, those who worked abroad looked forward to these days to be in their homeland to celebrate their own customs.

The most famous customs of the Carnival in Skopelos is the wedding procession, “Bramdes” and “Trata”.

On the last Sunday of the Carnival in Skopelos, the parade depicts the wedding procession. The role of the bride is given to a man who dresses up, while everyone satires some character. Throughout, they sing famous carnival songs and drink with joy.

“Bramdes” is a traditional costume of disguise. So they wear handkerchiefs, traditional pants and skirts and they are covered in silver. They roam in the neighborhoods singing the epic song of Vlacha. “Bramdes” gather in Gyftorema, Mylos, and Ai-Yannis and they always sing and dance. House owners offer rice milk and unsweetened wine.

On the last Sunday of Carnival in Skopelos is the custom of Trata. People dressed up carry a boat made of reeds and wood, the Trata. On the way they sing indecent songs, they drink and tease the attendees. They keep nets for example and catch those passers-by. The followers of the Trate are also in costume. They all end up on the beach where they will put the Trata in the water. Feast and dance lasts until the early hours. This custom has its roots in the attacks on the Aegean islands by the terrible pirates.

On Clean Monday, the Skopelites paint a cross on their forehead and hang flowers from their ears. On the day they celebrate with a gourmet meal and drink wine on the beaches and fields.

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