Glysteri Beach Bar

Glysteri Beach Bach has started to operate in the summer of 2019!! A total transformation of Glysteri beach!!

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Glysteri Beach Bar has started to operate in the summer of 2019!! A total transformation of Glysteri beach!! The owners paid very attention to the first material used to build the beach bar. The main material used is wood!!! By being so close to nature Glysteri Beach Bar made a statement in favor of the natural environment.

Glysteri Beach Bar is an ecological construction since all the materials used came directly from Skopelos Island, (natural wood, wood from old shipbuilding, clay bricks, ceramics stones, pebbles from the sea, etc.)

At Glysteri Beach Bar the first thing to notice is positive energy!! The staff is very friendly and polite while a large variety of cocktails will definitely cover all tastes! Moreover, at the beach bar, they serve coffees, fresh juices, beers, ice creams, pizza, sandwiches, snacks, club sandwiches, and more other light meals!

Furthermore, many events are taking place, famous DJs play dance music, bbq days and many happenings satisfy all the guests.

Glysteri beach is small in size but great in beauty. That is the reason why several scenes from the Hollywood movie “Mamma Mia” were shot there. Glysteri Beach is 4.2 km away from Skopelos Town and port.

By car, you will arrive in about 10 minutes. Access to the beach is easy and there is also a parking area provided by the Glysteri Beach Bar. Follow the regional road that leads to Skopelos Fortress. There are also boats that take the route from the port of the town.

Next to Glisteri you will also find the interesting Trypiti Cave. You will also find Villa Donna where there were many outdoor scenes of the movie “Mamma Mia”. At Glysteri beach until the early 1960s, one of the oldest shipyards of Skopelos was in operation.

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