Kochilis Bakery

Skopelos, Bakery, Cafe, Snack, Dessert
Secondary Phone: +30 24240 23714

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Kochilis bakery is right in front of the entrance of Skopelos port. So as soon as you reach the green Skopelos Island you will meet this hot spot. This place has been operating for many years in Skopelos Town and it is a family-owned business.

Furthermore, the variety, the centerpiece, the fresh products, the traditional products, the excellent service, the flexible working hours, the excellent quality coffees are just some of the reasons why Kochilis bakery is a reference point of Skopelos Chora.

Kochylis Bakery offers delicious bread delicacies, daily bread, sandwiches, pastries, ice creams, desserts, sweets, some local products as well as coffees and soft drinks. It also features very comfortable tables in a shady space to enjoy everything. There you can sit and enjoy your coffee and your light meal.

Daily at Kochylis Bakery, they prepare fresh bakery products, puddings, sandwiches, sweet traditional dishes, and more. The variety combined with product quality satisfies even the most demanding visitors.

Kochilis, in Skopelos Town, operates all months of the year. In fact, during the summer season, it is open 24 hours a day. So it is a hot spot for Skopelos nightlife since all the clubbers meet there to have some fresh food.

Kochilis bakery accompanies you also in the pleasant moments of your life. As the bakery prepares wonderful wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and more. Moreover, the bakery is a supplier for many local tavernas and restaurants.

Being in Skopelos Town visiting Kochilis Bakery is almost a prerequisite. There, in a cozy environment, you will enjoy all hours of day and night a delicious snack and a coffee or a soft drink. Children also love the soft ice cream of the bakery.