Skopelos Land

Skopelos Land is a new entry is Skopelos Chora offering quality traditional products.
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Skopelos is undoubtedly a blessed place. The enchanting combination of green and blue not only offers irresistible landscapes and exotic beaches. In fact, Skopelos has fairly announced to be “the Green & Blue Island” by international biopolitics. Since it is decorated with pine forest, and pine trees touching the shore of the sea. Due to the rich vegetation, the island of Skopelos produces quality products.

In the brand new and very well-kept store of Skopelos Land, you will find exceptional traditional products. First quality products from selected small Greek producers.

The products of the store are mainly from Skopelos but also the rest of Greece.

Enjoy your summer vacation on the lush island of Skopelos and shop at the Skopelos Land store with exquisite high gastronomy products to accompany you during the winter months. Skopelos shopping is a very pleasant experience. Moreover trying Skopelos local products is a unique gastronomy experience.

In the store of Skopelos Land, in the picturesque town of Skopelos, you will find a wide variety of local flavors. Extra virgin olive oil, handmade jams, delicious pastries, sauces of various flavors, liqueurs, fresh nuts, herbs, Turkish delights, scoop honey, handmade pasta, and peanut butter, and many more.

The store also delivers orders at home.

Stamatioi Vakratsa 7
Skopelos 370 03 GR
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