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Magda Rodiou was born on 3 March 1989 in Skopelos in an artistic environment with a great family tradition. Her grandfather, Nicholas Rhodios, was the one who started pottery art.

Three generations of artists have managed to gain important distinctions such as a patent, ten international gold awards and the Academy Award.

Magda Rodiou continues for the fourth generation of the long-standing family tradition of pottery of Rhodes. Leaving its own indelible color on the island of Skopelos.

As she remembers, she was playing with clay in her father’s workshop, and since then she was fascinated by creation.

Later, when she went to high school, she worked as her father’s assistant during the summer months. At the same time she made her own items which she presented at her family’s exhibition.

Magdas rodiou stydies

When she finished high school, her love of sports led her to study at the University of Thessaly at the Department of Physical Education from 2007 to 2011. After her studies she attended some courses at the Department of Sculpture and Ceramics of the School of Fine Arts. Now she continues the long tradition of the Rhodian family for the fourth generation. With the same passion and will for creation that began more than a century ago by Nicholas Rhodius (Magda’s great grandfather). When he began to make antiquity inspired ceramic decorations, but of course with the signature of her own distinct personality.

So she made the decision to return back to the island. Back to her father to continue learning the secrets of the art of pottery. While at the same time working on her other love that of sports. Some of her ceramics have the black color, which is also of family tradition and has been patented.

She always admires the black vases. For they surpass perfectly in form and any flaw in shape or texture can not be hidden. So every black vase needs to be flawless to reach the showroom. She is also experimenting with new materials, such as glass, enamel, acrylic paints etc. The intense colors she uses show off her work better and the personal style she has shaped.

Her inspiration comes from nature and its images. Which are depicted in detail in each of her works. Her creations include wall decorations such as bouquets, wreaths, butterflies, flowers, cottages, leaves and more. Also clay jewelry, ancient dolls, clay fruits and vegetables.

It is also worth noting, her inherent talent in painting.

Self-taught, she draws motifs on the clay bowls, soup bowls, cups and jugs that her father makes with the traditional pedal-wheel of the family. Since the summer of 2013, they have created a whole new range of usable objects with impeccable forms and paintings. All inspired by the island of Skopelos in bright colors.

Magda Rodiou in 2011 participated in the Pan-Hellenic Exhibition of Visual Arts, and Writers at the Zappeion Megaron of Athens, under the auspices of the Hellenic National Committee for Unesco. Also in 2012 she participated in the International Fair of Folk Ceramic Art in Romania. In that trip, she had the opportunity to learn local folk tradition, visited local workshops and exchanged ideas with local artists.

Also in the summer of 2013 she had her first solo exhibition at the Vakritsa Museum in Skopelos. Where she received very good reviews. Her works are in Skopelos. At the family shop along with the famous black vases that her father Nicholas Rhodios continues to make.

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