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Takis Moschos was born in Chalkida but lived the last 18 years of his life in Skopelos. The actor after a long-suffering life with many abuses, found its “harbor” on the beautiful island of Sporades. Takis Moshos became famous from his role in the film “Sweet gang”, which was pioneering for its time.

As he said in an interview: “I left Athens because I was tiring and tired. At some point I wasn’t going anywhere in any way. And Skopelos emerged, quite accidentally. I went a few summers, an autumn I just decided to stay a little longer, then came winter and I did not want to leave, and finally, after the first winter, I got the hang of it, as they say. I am very lucky to have found this place that the wave threw me there, so I will not drown. ”


In the last years of his life, Takis Moschos was the director of the amateur theatrical group ETHOS (the amateur theatrical group of Skopelos or … habit). Where he was also the stage designer, costume designer, musician, painter and conservator of the old ORFEAS cinema, where the performances were given.

At the age of 68 he wanted a quiet life by the sea. Takis Moschos was playing theater in Skopelos with amateur actors and inhabitants of the island. At the same time, he used his old studies in Law, his postgraduate courses in Sociology and Fine Arts, teaching literature lessons to high school students.

“I had an arrogance in the past. I wanted to hear good words about my job, for me, but I am passed all that. And so I now enjoy everything more, “he confessed.

The last years

In recent years he has been involved in three films, “The Feelings” by N. Triantafyllidis, “The Pillow” by K. Kalogiannis and more recently in the film “Tsakismeni Avgi” by V. Christofilakis.
In October 2018, he left Skopelos for a while and went to Kozani, to participate in the performance of the “Romeos and Juliet”  with the role of Father Lavrentios.

Unfortunately, his health betrayed him. After a series of strokes he died on April 29, 2019. He had chosen to be buried in his beloved island of Skopelos.

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