Platanos Jazz Bar (Permanently Closed)

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Permanently Closed



At the end of Skopelos harbor, the huge and imposing plane tree. Rightly the particular coffee bar got its name from the giant tree. Platanos Jazz Coffee Bar is one of the most timeless in the nightlife of Skopelos. However, throughout the years it has not reduced its quality at all. You can enjoy your coffee or drink under the ancient tree for the whole day.

The evening drink is also an unforgettable experience at Platanos Jazz Coffee Bar. Over the years, the store has fair enough gained its fanatical audience. Original cocktails and beverages combined with magical rock and jazz sounds and friendly service make the place a part of fun and entertainment.

Platanos Jazz Coffee Bar, in Skopelos Town, offers coffee, juice, refreshments, drinks, and cocktails. It also has some light snacks. Through authentic rock jazz melodies, the coffee bar offers a musical journey as part of your experience. Platanos Jazz Coffee Bar over time did not minimize its quality. Additionally, the service remains flawless and the atmosphere warm.

Platanos Jazz Coffee Bar, in Skopelos Town, stays open from the morning till late at night. Furthermore, the outdoor tables offer great views of Skopelos old harbor and the endless sea.


Skopelos 370 03 GR
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