P’ tharakia ( Ptharakia ) Espresso & Cocktail bar

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P’tharakia is an alternative cafe cocktail bar located in Glossa Village on Skopelos Island. The Cocktail Bar is just a few meters below the main road. Moreover, P’ tharakia Espresso & Cocktail bar is open from the morning until late at night featuring cheerful evenings.

Furthermore, P’ tharakia Espresso & Cocktail bar offers breakfast and coffee. You can also enjoy a glass of ouzo (Greek drink), beers, cocktails and snacks by the cool pool overlooking the sunset.

Additionally, at Ptharakia Cafe, in Glossa Village,  there is a beautiful yard with a lovely walnut tree. There, in the shade of the walnut tree, you can enjoy your coffee. There are also comfortable large pillows to sit in.

On the menu of P’ tharakia Espresso & Cocktail bar there are many savory and sweets options. Such as pancakes, burgers etc. During the summer period at Ptharakia many happenings are taken place. Greek nights with live music as well as jazz nights.

Glossa is the second largest settlement on Skopelos Island. It is just above the second port of Skopelos, Loutraki.

P’tharakia Espresso & Cocktail Bar Cafe offers a cozy environment, amazing view, cool cocktails, snacks and excellent service. Moreover this alternative cafe bar features emphasis in Glossa’s nightlife.

Glossa 370 03 P'tharakia espresso & cocktail bar, Glossa, Greece
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