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ScrewDriver Cocktail Bar is a small bar located in the alleys in picturesque Skopelos Town. Moreover it is just a few minutes’ walk from Skopelos port. The ScrewDriver Cocktail Bar made recently its entrance to Skopelos nightlife and entertainment. And everything seems that this cocktail bar will stay for a long time…

Furthermore, Screwdriver Cocktail Bar has its own personal style. In fact, due to this unique style the bar has already been established in Skopelos nightlife. The owners made this bar with inspiration and put a lot of color in the decoration. Additionally, ScrewDriver Cocktail Bar, in Skopelos Town, guarantees that visitors will have unforgettable nights.

ScrewDriver Cocktail Bar is something more than a classic island bar. Since it has given a more alternate tone to Skopelos nightlife. At the ScrewDriver Cocktail Bar, in Skopelos Town, you will taste special cocktails and cool drinks. The list of drinks and cocktails is satisfactory and the waiters are always illustrative.

Moreover, staff at ScrewDriver Cocktail Bar, in Skopelos Town, is always friendly and eager. It is a cheerful environment. Musical choices range in funky, soul notes and are completely in harmony with the bar.

At the ScrewDriver Cocktail Bar, in Skopelos Town, you will get interesting music of various kinds, friendly staff as well as great cocktails and drinks. ScrewDriver proposes its own way of entertainment.

Σκόπελος μαγνησιας 370 03 ScrewDriver Cafe-Cocktail bar, Σκόπελος μαγνησιας, Sporades, Greece
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