Taverna Grill House O Mylos

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Taverna Grill House o Mylos is at the end of the ring road in Skopelos Chora. In fact it is high enough, just at the end of Skopelos Town, below Skopelos “Kastro”. The view from Grill House o Mylos is incredible since you can see the deep blue sea of the Aegean. But the view is not the only reason to visit Milos. The quality dishes, the brave portions and the excellent service are some other reasons to enjoy your dinner at Mylos.

At Grill House o Mylos, in Skopelos Chora, you will enjoy tasteful, homemade, clean food in a friendly environment. The owners welcome you at once. The menu has  many meat options. You must have an authentic greek pita souvlaki, it is just delicious. You can order your pita souvlaki either with gyros (pork or chicken) or with skewers (pork or chicken). You can also have kontosouvli or chicken on the spit. Moreover you can order juicy burgers. On the menu there are also fresh salads and nice appetizers.

At Grill House o Mylos, you will have an unforgettable dinner. The cozy environment, the friendly staff and the delicious food are some basic reason to visit that place. Furthermore, there is public parking area if you are not willing to walk.

Papaflessa 1
Skopelos 370 03 GR
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