4M Coffee House

4M Coffee House is a beachfront cafe offering coffees, desserts and aperitifs.

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4M Coffee House Skopelos is located in the magnificent beach of Agnontas. The 4m Coffee Shop in Skopelos is open all day till late at night. It is a wonderful beach front cafe in Agnontas.

4M Coffee House offers a rich menu. It serves all kind of coffees as well as a lot of cocktails and aperitifs.  Mochitos, Dacquiries, Margaritas, Cosmopolitan, Aperol as well as some wonderful non alcohol choices such as the cool non alcohol mojito with apple.

If you are looking for a place near the blue sea to enjoy a royal breakfast meal then you should visit 4m coffee in Agnontas. There is a variety of choices that cover all tastes. From the classic English breakfast to extremely pancakes with delicious toppings.

For the active sweet tooth , the dessert menu is long and impressive. The must of this beachfront cafe is the fried balls served either with honey or chocolate. For the best desserts in Agnontas beach you are in the right place. The menu features also some traditional greek desserts such as ekmek kataifi and walnut syrup pie.

Agnontas beach is 8 km away from Skopelos Town.  The sunset in Agnontas is unique, the combination of the blue sea with the pine trees creates a majestic landscape. The beach is basically located in a sheltered bay. Except from the 4M Coffee House there are popular fish tavernas in Agnontas beach.



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