Agios Taxiarchis Monastery

The monastery of Agios Taxiarchis in Vato is located at the eastern foot of Mount Palouki.

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The monastery of Agios Taxiarchis in Vato is located at the eastern foot of Mount Palouki. At the point, there is a large plane tree, under which the church and two running springs are built.
The one is to the right of the entrance while the second one gushes water from the rock behind the monastery.
The architectural style of the monastery is a single-aisle basilica with a dome. Kaisarios Daponte, of the large Daponte family, built the monastery in 1761. The decoration of the temple initially consisted of an old wooden iconostasis, which was later replaced with a newer one. The cause of this event was the earthquake of 1965. However, there are still some old icons in the sanctuary of the temple, including that of St. Taxiarchis.


The Skopelos monastery Agios Taxiarchis celebrates on November 8. The fiesta though takes place some days later because the priests of the island that day are in other churches. Except for the mass, the celebration offers a traditional meal consisting of local goat and plenty of wine.


Due to the location of the Monastery Agios Taxiarchis Skopelos, it is an ideal hiking destination for many visitors. Following the enchanting and green path of Mount Palouki, one finally reaches its destination, the monastery of Agios Taxiarchis

Directions: After arriving at the Prodromos Monastery you will turn right onto the dirt road, which will lead you to the chapel of the Holy Trinity. You will continue on until you see the signs for Agia Anna and Agios Taxiarchis. Follow the sign and in 30 ‘you will see the monastery. You can only reach Agios Taxiarchis in Vato Monastery on Mountain Palouki on foot.

Indeed, hikers recommend the route from Chora to the Monastery as one of the most magical on Skopelos island.

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