Timios Prodromos Monastery

The temple in the church which is made of wood and gold and is beautifully ornate with vines, animals and birds. Can also see murals from the 14th century.
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The monastery of Timios Prodromos at Skopelos used to be in old times a male monastery.  From 1920 until today it is a women’s monastery.

It is only a few hundred meters away from the monastery of Agia Varvara on the mountain Palouki which stands tall on the back of Skopelos Town. Furthermore, the monastery of Timios Prodromos is a serene place. The monks who live there are responsible for the church. In fact, they take good care of the monastery.

Visitors can see the temple in the church which is made of wood and gold and is beautifully ornate with vines, animals, and birds. Visitors, of Timios Prodromos Monastery, on Skopelos island, can also see murals from the 14th century.

The monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodromos, on Skopelos island, celebrates on the 24th of June.

Directions: From Skopelos Town, you should drive on the coastal road towards Mt Palouki. At the end of that road, turn left and follow the signs to Iera Moni Sotiros. Make sure that when you get to the fork on the road you keep to your right. Continue on the same road that eventually will turn into a dirt road. At the end of the asphalt you take a sharp left up the hill, so be careful. In about a kilometer, you will be at the monastery of Agia Varvara. After that, you will need only 200 m. to reach Timios Prodromos Monastery. You can either drive there (about another minute) or walk (about 7 minutes).

Workshops – Local Products

Experience the enchanting world of Timios Prodromos Monastery, where history, art, and local traditions converge in perfect harmony. At the Monastery, there are the ceramic art workshop and the hagiography workshop. Moreover, they produced handmade soaps, propolis, and bee’s wax.

🎨 Hagiography Workshop: At Timios Prodromos, the ancient art of hagiography comes to life. Witness skilled artists meticulously hand-painting exquisite religious icons that depict the divine. These artists capture the essence of spirituality through their brushstrokes, and you can marvel at their work as they craft beautiful hagiographies right before your eyes. Take home a piece of spirituality with these unique artworks.

🏺 Art Ceramic Workshop: The monastery also houses a charming ceramic workshop where talented artisans craft pottery and ceramics that reflect the island’s rich cultural heritage. From ornate vases to functional kitchenware, each piece is a work of art. Explore the art ceramic workshop and acquire one-of-a-kind pottery to adorn your home or as a cherished gift.

🌿 Local Products: Skopelos is renowned for its locally produced treasures. Immerse yourself in the island’s traditions through an array of handmade products.

  • 🧼 Handmade Soaps: Pamper yourself with all-natural, handmade soaps that are gentle on your skin and eco-friendly.
  • 🐝 Propolis: Discover the wonders of propolis, a bee-derived substance known for its potential health benefits. Find it in skincare products or as a dietary supplement.
  • 🕯️ Bee’s Wax with Balm Oil: Beeswax, combined with soothing balm oil, creates exquisite products that offer nourishment and relaxation for your skin.


370 03 Agios Ioannis Prodromos, Skopelos Town, Skopelos 370 03, Greece
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