Agnontas Village

A picturesque fisherman village

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Agnontas village is approximately 8 km from Skopelos Town. By car you will need about 10 minutes to arrive. Agnondas is a picturesque fishing village, a natural harbor protected by bad weather elements. Actually, is the place where most fishermen prefer to moor their boats. The little harbor is surrounded by pine trees making the scenery even more beautiful.

The Olympic runner Agnonta or Agnon, was the man that gave his name to the village.  When he returned as a winner in 596 BC from Olympia. So, in honor of the Olympic champion Agnonta this area took his name. Moreover, you can see the face of champion Agnontas on silver coins of the classical era.

In fact, amphora lab facilities were found in Agnontas. Dating during the Classical and Hellenistic periods. The amphoras themselves needed for the trade of the famous peparithos wine. There are similar findings in Stafylos and Panormos.

Agnontas Village is located on the south side of Skopelos island. The distance from Skopelos Town is 8 km and from Stafylos about 4 km. You can go to Agnodas village either by car, as there is an easy parking area, or by using the local transport.

Agnontas Village, on Skopelos island, is a very popular destination, especially to families. Since there are so many restaurants there, specializing on fresh fish.  Actually you will enjoy the catch of the day of the fishermen at the local taverns.

Moreover, Agnontas port is used as an alternative port in cases of bad weather. The beach is most of the times calm. Green and blue colors dominates Agnontas Village. The scenery is just magical since the pine trees literally touch the crystal clear waters.


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