Anemos Coffee Brunch

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Anemos espresso bar, after several years of successful operation, changed appearance and style. From a cafe bar with an emphasis on cocktails and drinks, this year (summer 2018) presented a brand new and fresh idea on Skopelos beach. We happily welcomed the renewed Anemos Coffee Brunch. Anemos Coffee Brunch is an original brasserie with special and distinctive flavors.

Anemos Coffee Brunch, on Skopelos beach, stays open from 8:00 a.m until 12:00 p.m. It offers exceptionally rich breakfasts, coffees, and much more. Delicious pancakes, tasteful omelets, scrabbled eggs, fresh sandwiches, fresh juices, and smoothies are just a part of the menu.

Anemos Coffee Brunch, in Skopelos Town, is a place that combines perfectly entertainment with food. You will find excellent pizzas, burgers, salads, mprousketes with prosciutto or salmon, ntakos, etc. Anemos Coffee Brunch also offers flavors with an Italian influence. Additionally, the beers on the menu are all Greek while there is also a variety of wine labels.

Food ingredients come exclusively from pure raw materials and are always fresh. At the Anemos Coffee Brunch, in Skopelos Port, all dishes are prepared daily and at the time of order, emphasizing quality.

Anemos Coffee Brunch features comfortable tables right on the beach opposite Skopelos port. It is a wonderful location overlooking the endless sea. In fact, Anemos Coffee Brunch is an ideal place for couples, friends, and families.

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