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In beautiful Skopelos Chora, this summer (summer of 2018) for the first time Skala Cocktail Bar opened its doors. In fact, Skala Cocktail Bar has made a dynamic entrance to the nightlife and entertainment of Skopelos. Furthermore, it is a fresh cool cocktail bar, with a huge variety of original cocktails, an unparalleled view of the sea, and excellent music choices.

The brand-new and full-summer Scala Cocktail Bar immediately became one of the hot spots of Skopelos nightlife. Its location, on Skopelos beach, offers great views of Skopelos Port. Skala Cocktail Bar is on a magnificent balcony, which has been cleverly transformed into a bar.

The minimal, white décor of Skala Cocktail Bar conforms perfectly to Skopelos architecture. The original drinks as well as the cool cocktails in combination with the lounge and mainstream music will definitely impress you. One of the reasons that Skala Cocktail Bar became popular is the impressive parties with famous Djs that were organized.

The atmosphere of Skala Cocktail Bar leads you to the absolute Greek summer. From the afternoon that opens until late at night, the always friendly and smiling staff is willing to serve you. Ideal space, great music, amazing views to enjoy your drink.


Eparchiaki Odos Skopelou-Loutrakiou
Skopelos 370 03 GR
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