Adrines Beach

The wonderful Adrines beach are basically three small bays in a row between Panormos and Milia Beach.

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The wonderful Adrines beach is three small bays in a row between Panormos and Milia Beach. Many people claim that Adrines is the most beautiful spot on Skopelos Island. Skopelos has enormous beaches, maybe of the most beautiful Greek beaches. It is the green on a blue Greek island, the greenest island of the Aegean.

Adrines beach Skopelos has silver pebbles and amazing crystal clear waters that embrace in full harmony with the green pines. There is natural shade from the pine trees. The access is easy, just follow the path from the main road.

The beautiful Skopelos island is not only full of natural beauties but also of mysterious legends and valuable hidden treasures.  One of them is the famous woman Pirate Adrina. The beaches took their mane after the fearless pirate Adrina. Although she was fearless, she was a woman deeply in love with her fiance. When he died in a battle, she decided to end her life by climbing on the rock, jumping into the sea, and drowning. First, she has hidden her treasure on the beach.

Adrines are 13 kilometers away from Skopelos Chora and 12 kilometers away from Glossa village. They are let’s say in the middle of Skopelos island. By car from Skopelos Port is about 18 minutes, while from Glossa is approximately 20 minutes road.

At Adrina Beach, near Panormos Bay, there are excellent beachfront Adrina Hotels. In the first bay coming from Skopelos Chora is the four-star Adrina Beach Hotel. On the second bay is the five-star Adrina Resort & Spa Hotel. Both hotels have all the conditions to spend unforgettable vacations. There are three restaurants, Adrina Taverna, Kalispera, and Nero as well as beach bars.

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