Customs and Tradition of Skopelos

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Skopelos Island

Skopelos Traditions – Skopelos Customs

Over the years, many traditions and customs have been preserved. Life in Skopelos for years has been interwoven with shipping and the sea. As to be expected, many daily habits are related to this nautical life.

Belief in the Saints of the island and religion softened the pain of families as they waited for the return of their loved ones from the sea and from abroad. Saint Riginos, who is also the protector of the island, has also killed a dragon, always according to the legend. Also, the Skopelists use divination to learn about the coveted return of their loved ones with eggs or with icons.

The Commissioner received a candle from the four Lamps of the Epitaph and gave them to the sailors for good luck. As a talisman, the priest offers pieces from Saint Nicolas candle, the saint of the seamen, on December 6th. He gives it to the families of the seamen.

Skopelos Customs and Skopelos Tradition

Renouncing evil or entering on the right foot is something that we find even today. This happens on New Year. The lady of the house must bring water to sprinkle everyone for good luck. She also holds an iron rod so everyone can be as strong and healthy as iron.

There is also another custom that happens on September 1st. On the first day of the harvest of the grapes, where the lady of the house sprinkles clean water and holds a stone. She enters her home on her right foot and either step on a pomegranate or kisses an icon of good luck.

The Skopelists believe in the evil eye, as well. They have different ways to get rid of the evil eye. They say a specific prayer, sometimes they put oil into water, which dissolves. Some other times they put three pieces of charcoal in the water that remains on the surface.

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