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Skopelos Death

A typical element of the death of the customs of their adherence to the ancient Greek tradition. Which, however, in conjunction with the popular tradition of Christianity.

In Skopelos entire corpse is washed. Also bathed with wine, and a five-lira or lira coin was placed in his mouth. In the past, the deceased was deposited chrami-carpet laid on the floor, his head turned to the west. In the whole area no one was not sweep the floor until the funeral.

During the mourning women their hair loose and pulled them violently. At the beginning of the funeral procession of a clay water jug ​​was broken on the floor.

At the memorial service of forty days after his death suggested that there was boiled wheat, coffee, cognac and soumada (boiled almond liqueur). Within 40 days, the relatives did not have to eat any meat. No scan or whitewash their lanes, their courtyards and fireplaces.

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