Loutraki is the port of Glossa and the second port of Skopelos. To be precise it is built just below the village of Glossa. Ships and flying dolphins coming from Central Greece (Agios Konstantinos), Volos, and Skiathos first make a stop at Loutraki port and then continue to the Skopelos main port.

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Loutraki Port used to be a common harbor until now. But nowadays there is an upward trend that turns Loutraki into a picturesque seaside resort. Even though passenger boats are coming in, it has not lost their charm at all. It is a quiet picturesque village that offers an ideal holiday of relaxation and tranquility. The settlement of Loutraki extends around the port.

Loutraki is 28.5 km away from Skopelos Town. By car, following the road to Agios Riginos, you will cover the distance in about 40-45 minutes.

Loutraki port skopelos, villages skopelos, glossa skopelos, ports skopelos

You can also choose the coastal road from Skopelos Chora. The distance is 33 kilometers and it takes approximately 50-55 minutes by car to reach Loutraki, Glossa.



Loutraki village is a favorite summer destination and has earned regular and loyal visitors. As in the whole of Skopelos island, the warm hospitality of the locals in Loutraki immediately wins you over.

Loutraki offers a satisfying summer vacation package. Port of Glossa offers comfortable accommodation for a pleasant stay. You can stay in either a hotel or an apartment depending on your needs and preferences.

loutraki port skopelos, villages skopelos, glossa skopelos, ports skopelos

Loutraki offers a satisfactory range of taverns and cafes. In the village of Loutraki, there are also mini-markets and several seasonal shops. Moreover, the local market covers your basic needs. For everything else, Glossa Village is very close.

Access to the Loutraki Port of Glossa is easy. If you do not have your own means of transportation you can rent from the tourist offices on the island. Also, the Skopelos local bus has frequent itineraries during summer. There is also a taxi service available at Loutraki Port for your convenience.


Loutraki port skopelos, villages skopelos, glossa skopelos, ports skopelos

The main road in Skopelos is covered with asphalt so the journey is not difficult. The degree of difficulty increases due to the turns. Skopelos is a mountainous island and the route over the mountains hides some steep turns.


In Loutraki village, there is an organized pebble beach where you can enjoy a swim. Especially if you are staying in the Loutraki settlement this small beach is ideal. Accessible and with all the necessary amenities.


Loutraki Beach extends to the outside of the port. We recommend staying on the beach until sundown to enjoy the magnificent sunset.

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WHERE TO EAT and enjoy your coffee AT LOUTRAKI PORT

The beautiful Skopelos island in addition to its beauty and magnificent landscapes that blend harmoniously with green and blue will fascinate you with the delights of its local cuisine. The tavernas of Skopelos hide many culinary delights.

In the tranquil and picturesque Loutraki, you will find places to eat delicious and well-cooked food as well as places to enjoy your coffee or drink. Check some hotspots for your vacation in Loutraki.

Petrino Cafe is located just 50 meters from Loutraki Beach. It stays open from morning to evening offering many options, from breakfast to evening cocktails.

Aramis Cafe is located in Loutraki Port. It stays open from morning till night offering a variety of salty and sweet flavors. An ideal place to enjoy your coffee while waiting for the boat.

Aramis Tavern is to the port, next to Aramis Cafe. Here you will enjoy authentic Greek cuisine cooked with love.

For fresh fish on the beach go to Flisvos Taverna. The tables that literally touch the waves and flavors coming from the kitchen will delight you.

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Another standard option is the Vrachos fish tavern. It recently operated under new management promising new tasty treats. Some summer evenings host live Greek music.


Loutraki, in addition to its present glory, experienced a period of prosperity in antiquity, in the years of Selinounda. Due to the baths (Loutra in Greek) of the area that operated there in ancient times, Loutraki took its name. Chalcidians probably founded Selinounda in the 8th century BC.

The wall of the Castle of Selinous (Loutraki) – 5th century BC

The citadel was built in the 5th – 4th centuries BC (classical era) on Paleokastro hill, 350 meters above sea level. The ruins of the wall are still visible as part of the walls of the ancient city are still preserved.

In Selinounda you will have the opportunity to admire the houses and baths that have survived from the Roman years (1st – 4th century AD) inside the settlement and along the beach.

Also, parts of two ancient walls can be seen on the street that runs behind the cafes at Loutraki. This street is on the left as you approach the sea.

Loutraki port skopelos, villages skopelos, glossa skopelos, ports skopelos

Ancient ruins of the Roman baths – Katakalou, Loutraki

On the southeast side of Loutraki (Katakalos place), there are fragments of a building with baths from 3-4 centuries AD, during the Roman Empire. Although it has not been clarified whether these are public or private baths in a villa, the monument gives the architecture of the time.

On the rock’s surface, right next to the sea, are the ruins of the Roman baths. According to the locals, there are still remains in the marine area.

Loutraki port skopelos, villages skopelos, glossa skopelos, ports skopelos Various archaeological finds

Specimens of pottery, coins, and a marble vaulted vault of Roman times have been found in Loutraki, Glossa. Some findings of the Selinunda excavations are on display at the Archaeological Museum of Volos. The marble statue of the goddess Athena, found in Loutraki in 1865, is on display at the Archaeological Museum of Athens.

At the beach of Loutraki, a kiosk was formed in 2002 with all the necessary information about the history and monuments of the area. This was created in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Skopelos.


The picturesque Loutraki, the second port of Skopelos is an interesting tourist destination.


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