Ko & Rita’s IDEA cafe & emporium

A fresh idea in the heart of Skopelos Chora, have a handmade liquor while choosing a new dress to buy

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Ko & Rita’s IDEA cafe & emporium


A fresh new idea in the heart of Skopelos Chora, where you can have a handmade liqueur while choosing a new dress to buy. A cosy spot with handmade delicacies, special accessories and airy clothes made by love.

The new clothes store skopelos is in Agios Michail area, in Skopelos Chora. In fact it is not just a shopping store. Is something much more. It is an original idea that came true with a lot of love from the owners.

At idea cafe skopelos you can have aso cafe, hot chocolate, handmade liqueurs and delicious homemade delicacies. From liqueurs do not forget to try the mandarin with rum and sour cherry. All the dishes are also exceptional.

The clothes and the accessories are carefully chosen from Mrs. Rita and her daughter Konstantina. (The owners of this new concept store). There are handmade jewelries, silk fabrics, exotic dresses and many special accessories.

Furthermore, at emporium cafe skopelos there are many nights of surprises. Like a great evening with handmade sushi, friends with musical instruments create an unforgettable music night and other themed events.

The idea and emporium cafe skopelos is located in a stunning picturesque alley. You can easily sit on one of the pillows and enjoy your morning coffee, your afternoon coffee or an evening drink. At the same time look at the wonderful collection of clothes and accessories to buy something new on your vacation.

The clothes store skopelos, Ko & Rita’s IDEA cafe & emporium, is open in winter and summer. Another shocking product that you will find here is spatholado. oil made of spathoxorto or balsam. In Skopelos there are many healing aromatic herbs. In the idea of ​​coffee they collect herbs and prepare perfumes, syrups, liqueurs and more.




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