Liz McGhie

Liz McGhie is a talented potter who lives on Skopelos island.

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Liz McGhie is a potter who lives on Skopelos island. She herself visited the island of North Sporades for the first time in 1989 and returned every year for a vacation, while for more than 15 years she has been living permanently on the island.

Its ceramic studio / store is located in Skopelos Chora, just opposite the restaurant “Rodi” and the sign outside marks Ceramics-“Colours of Skopelos”.

The drawings she paints come from the things she has observed in Skopelos all these years. In other words her inspiration comes out from the colours and the nature of Skopelos. She creates, paints and makes exceptional hand made cups, tableware, gifts and other clay objects.

Liz McGhie was trained in the arts as a painter. She discovered an interest in three-dimensional art and turned ceramics into the main art form.

It is worth visiting her studio and admiring the great variety of her works.