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On Skopelos island the routes are covered in short time due to short distances. Always depending on the route, the farthest distance may be less than one hour.

The cost of the route is calculated based on the race, there is also the minimum route cost. It would be reasonable, therefore, to clarify how much for any route you want to do in Skopelos, whether it is close or distant.

TIP: Taxis can be picked up from 1 to 4 persons.


Taxis can be found in three points in Skopelos:


From Skopelos to:
Stafilos: 8,50 €
Agnontas: 13,00 €
Limnonari: € 15.00
Panormos: € 19.00
Milia and Kastani: 22,00 €
Neo Klima: 28,00 €
Glossa: 35,00 €
Loutraki: 40,00 €
Minimum Route: 4.40 €


Here are the taxi drivers of SKOPELOS PORT, CHORA in alphabetical order:

Kalogiros Panagiotis: +30 6972693375

Karvelis Andreas:       +30 6944132143

Karvelis Christos:        +30 6982539919

Panagou Anthi:           +30 6945999596

Papazisis Thanasis:    +30 6945149342

Sklavos Antonis:         +30 6944820468

Stamoulos Giannis:    +30 6972429568

Vlachostamatis Costas : +30 6944843738

Here are the taxi drivers of GLOSSA  in alphabetical order:

Christou Giannis:         +30 6944734024

Christou Panagiotis:    +30 6979031303

Koukorinis Stamatis:   +30 6988544272

Tsaknis Dimitrios:        +30 6978025718

Here are the taxi drivers of NEO KLIMA, ELIOS in alphabetical order:

Stamoulis Zachos:  +30 6972841329


Skopelos, the diamond of the Northern Sporades, combines in a unique way the pine green with the blue of the sea. The beaches unite the green of nature with the blue of the sea. Skopelos is one of the greenest islands in Greece. Over 80% of the island’s area is covered by forest. For this reason Skopelos has been named by the International Biopolitical Organization, the blue and green island. Some great beaches to visit are Stafylos, Velanio, Agnontas, Limnonari, Panormos, Milia, Kastani and Hovolo.

Skopelos also has many attractions and beautiful picturesque villages to visit. It’s no coincidence that the cast of Hollywood film Mamma Mia chose the island of Skopelos to shoot most of the scenes of the movie.