Mari Beach

Mari beach is an enchanting beach to discover on the lush Skopelos Island

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Discover the astonishing Mari beach Skopelos. Swim into the crystal water, stay under the sun and get as close to nature as you can. A small paradise is there for you.

Skopelos Island is the greenest island of the Aegean. It is not by accident the producers of Mamma Mia chose Skopelos to film the so popular musical.  Skopelos is covered 67% by pine forests. It has the title Green on Blue Island.

Skopelos, in the Northern Sporades, Greece is not famous only due to the Mamma Mia film. It is famous because of the amazing beaches. Crystal clear waters, deep blue sea, golden and silver shore surrounded by pine trees.  There are many popular beaches on Skopelos island, such as Stafylos, Velanio, Milia, Panormos, Kastani and so others.

However, there are still many unhidden paradise spots to discover. One of them is Mari beach Skopelos. You can reach Mari beach either on foot or by boat. From the land, you can follow the old path, made of stones that guide you to the beach. The specified path is seen to be handmade, though we don’t have any more information about it. Be aware, especially in the first steps. The path gets easier as you are getting down to the beach.

The better way to reach Mari beach is by sea. The beach has rocks. The landscape is extraordinary. The rain and the seawater have sculptured the rocks creating amazing images and colors.

Mari beach is approximately between the beaches of  Hondrogiorgi and Mavraki.

Mari beach belongs to the beaches to discover on Skopelos Island.

Please keep always in mind to clean beaches are the best beaches. Mari is an isolated beach. Remember not to leave any trash behind you. Thing green, protect the Greek natural beauties.

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