Agios Riginos Celebration

Agios Riginos

The patron saint of Skopelos is Agios Riginos, who is celebrated on February 25th. Agios Riginos was the bishop of Skopelos in the 4th century AD and died in martyrdom when he refused to change his faith. His holy relics have been buried by the worshippers where his monastery is located (4 km NW of the main town). In honour of the Saint, the Skopelites and travelers from the surrounding areas (Skiathos, Alonnisos, Volos) each year at his feast gather there.

There is a procession of the holy relic from the church of Christ because they are preserved there. All the way to the monastery, the worshipers chant ecclesiastical hymns. When the procession reaches the monastery, there is a liturgy. Returning to the city, the procession ends at the old bridge of Saint-Riginaki, where according to tradition is the point where the Saint was beheaded.

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