Ouzeri Anatoli is the absolute greek summer spot. Greek music and sea view.

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Ouzeri Anatoli is located at the highest point of Skopelos Town, next to the old castle of the island. The view is breathtaking, to say the least. In fact, Anatoli is the absolute Greek landscape, the absolute greek summer spot.

Furthermore, Anatoli Ouzeri belongs to the famous Greek singer of rembetika Giorgos Xintaris. Giorgos Xintaris (xintaris skopelos) also sang in the old greek television movie “Minore tis avgis”. He and his two sons, Antonis and Thodoris, will take you on an unbelievable musical journey. Moreover, in Anatoli, you will have the opportunity to listen to authentic rembetika music. Greek bouzouki, mpaglamas, guitar, and pure folk voices.

Many times, in Ouzeri Anatoli, several musicians will also accompany Georges Xintaris and his sons. Spontaneous moments of entertainment with rembetic sounds. Ouzeri Anatoli is part of Skopelos nightlife.

Additionally, the delicious dishes are prepared by Mr. Xintaris’ wife, Mrs. Eugenia. Homemade meatballs, greek salad, potato salad, mpekris mezes, imam aubergines, twisted cheese pie, are some of the tasteful dishes to accompany your drink, wine, ouzo, or tsipouro.

There are two ways to go to Anatoli Ouzeri, at Skopelos’ Kastro. One is by car from the ring road.  The other way is to climb the stairs and enjoy a magical journey either from the Panagitsa of Pyrgos or from the picturesque alleys of Chora.

Traditional Greek music, authentic greeks flavors, warm hospitality, friendly atmosphere, amazing view. All this will fascinate you and you will feel like true guests in a Greek home!

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