Chondrogiorgis Beach

Hondrogiorgi beach has fine pebbles and crystal clear, turquoise waters.

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Skopelos Chondrogiorgis Beach

Discover Skopelos Beaches – Skopelos Chondrogiorgis beach

Chondrogiorgis Beach is close to the well-known beach of Perivoliou. Hondrogiorgi Beach consists of small coves with rock formations in the sea. The island of Skopelos is famous for its natural beauty and amazing beaches with its blue-green waters.

The waters – like most of the beaches of Skopelos – are crystal clear and turquoise, while the beach has fine pebbles.

Guests can reach the beach by car. Leave their means of transport in the small car park overlooking Hondrogiorgi Beach. Then follow the small and easily accessible path that leads to the beach.

Skopelos Chondrogiorgis beach is not organize. It will be nice to avoid that side of Skopelos beaches when northern winds dominate the island.

If you swim toward the rocks to the left of Hondrogiorgi Beach, you will also reach the beach of Pethameni. Which is considered to have the most beautiful seabed of the 4 beaches (Perivoliou & Angeletou, Pethameni, Chondrogiorgis). That’s why you should not forget to have a sea mask in your bag, so you will not miss it and you will enjoy each side of the sea in and out of the water.

Both the seabed and the beaches along the coastline of Skopelos are of unparalleled beauty. The inconceivable combinations of blue and green create enchanting landscapes on the island.

The beach of Chondrogiorgis belongs to the beaches to discover in Skopelos. If you love adventure and want to get closer to nature, rent a boat and discover all the hidden corners of Skopelos. Get everywhere while enjoying every part of Skopelos, the gems of the northern Sporades.

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