Aggeletou Beach

Aggeletou beach is one more beautiful beach in Skopelos town to discover.

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Aggeletou Beach

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One more beautiful beach in Skopelos town to discover is the one called Skopelos Aggeletou beach. Is located on the northern side of Skopelos and is ideal for those seeking a quiet and secluded beach to enjoy their swim.

It is a small bay next to the famous Perivoliou beach. Its location is magnificent as it is in the wild, and the blue waters reward its guests. Do not miss exploring the wonderful seabed, it will enchant you.

It also has a natural shade for much of the day, while at this beach one can swim without a bathing suit.

To reach Aggeletou beach, you must follow the asphalt road that starts from the village of Glossa. Then follow the signs to Perivoliou Beach.

As soon as it reaches the beach, it will follow the small path that connects Perivoliou beach with Aggeletou beach.

These beaches in Skopelos are really splendid with amazing waters, but because of their location, they are more exposed to the north. It is advisable to avoid that beaches when there are such winds on Skopelos island.

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Aggeletou Beach