Pethamenis Beach

Pethamenis beach has turquoise waters and rocks that form caves.

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Skopelos Pethamenis (Kanalaki) Beach

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The name of this beach does not predispose you – due to the reputation that a woman was found dead a few years ago. Skopelos Pethamenis beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Skopelos and is worth visiting.

The particular beach – which is one of the most isolated – is located between the beaches of Hondrogiorgi and Perivoliou. Is one of the quietest on the island. It has turquoise waters and rocks that form caves. Also has majestic and wild simultaneously seabed should not miss exploring. So it would be good to have always a sea mask in your bag if you are going to visit beaches like Pethamenis, Perivoliou, Hondrogiorgi, etc.

Just before the Perivoliou beach, there is a sign that says to Perivoliou and Chondrogiorgi. You need to turn towards Hondroyorgi beach. Before you reach the beach on the left there is a dirt road. You will park and follow a short path before you reach this magnificent beach. (But in the end, you need special attention. You will walk on rocks.

It is advisable when the northern winds prevail on the island to avoid this particular beach. It is one of the beaches of the island worth visiting by travelers to Skopelos.

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Pethamenis Beach