In Skopelos, Christmas is celebrated with similar majesty.

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Christmas in Skopelos

The Christmas holidays are for most of the people the best period of the year.  Christmas is the celebration of love and giving. Christians proudly celebrate the birth of Christ. The New Year begins with Santa Claus giving away gifts and spreading joy to children.

Christmas in Skopelos

Christmas in Skopelos is greatly celebrated. A Christmas market is organized on the beach of the island, where children can play games and do crafts

It is customary to have performances from the traditional dance groups. Groups from the Cultural and Folklore Center dance traditional dances and perform rhythmic gymnastics. Even the group of young children perform.

Celebratory events culminate with the decoration of the Christmas tree by the children. Of course, Santa Claus will attend the feast, with gifts and surprises for his young friends.

Similar events take place in several villages of the island with the support of the Municipality and the cooperation of parent and guardian clubs as well as cultural centers.

Neo Klima Christmas Celebration

In Neo Klima the festivities include a bazaar, theater, singing, cultural events and many more surprises for children.

On Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve the kids are on the streets to sing carols cheerfully.

In the olden days, during the holiday season, the women would take of the simple linen covers and put on the furniture either striped or printed covers called “kanapeltakia”.

They kneaded the christophoma (sweet bread) and made different shapes on them for decoration. They also made traditional sweet cookies melomakarona and kourabiedes. The whole island smelt like sugar.

Because they are religious people, on Christmas Day they went to church. After the Mass, at noon, they would return to an already laid table.

On New Year’s Eve the housewives kneaded traditional bread. One for each family member. And then they would eat and drink with the whole family and good friends and exchange greetings and gifts as they do today.

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