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Skopelos Birth

Birth in Skopelos

Pregnancy, skopelos birth, and the postpartum period are associated with rather interesting customs that tend to be uniform throughout the Greek province and to express concern about the mother and child and the deep concerns of the evil spirits who are jealous and are aimed at preventing, or even canceling the external a new type of man on earth peace.

In Skopelos, for example, pregnant women should not take the sting so that the cord does not have to strangle a child. People were trying to determine the sex of the baby through divination, although longing for the male child was universal. On the feast of St. Simon pregnant should not touch any colored surface to avoid labeling children.

Skopelos Birth

Women have usually held midwives. When a child is born with a membrane on its face, it was maintained, very lucky. If he was born with hair on his spine, was considered a strong child.

Bath held on the third day after birth. They bathed the baby in the sink with warm water mixed with the contents of eggs, where they added salt and a red carnation. Then they swaddled the baby for 6-7 months.

Postpartum have to wait for 40 or 80 days before you get to the farm. If it was important for her to get out of the house, she would cross herself and wear a talisman. Krasny Cross. Connected to the network has been placed behind the door.

In the case of the simultaneous birth of mother and daughter, the milk was obtained using, mix flour and used as a replacement of pallikarovotano. In addition, pregnant women are especially worshiped St. John Chrysostom Molos, because they believed that the exercise of their faith will guarantee the birth of a boy (St. John Pallikaras: boy-media).

During the boy’s baptism, godfather gave money to his mother and grandmother, while his father, after his baptism, went to the balcony of his house and threw coins into the children waiting below.

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