Skopelos Kastani Beach

Kastani beach is easily accessible by car and has comfortable parking

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Kastani Beach, on Skopelos island, is a place of impeccable beauty with pine trees winding up almost in the water. Moreover, on Kastani Beach there are all the necessary amenities since it is an organized beach bar.

A kilometer or so north of the beach Milia Beach brings you to the splendid Mamma Mia beach. Kastani Beach, on Skopelos Island, is easily accessible by car and has comfortable parking.

The sandy beach with its beautiful clear water has a starring role in the Hollywood movie Mamma Mia. Actually, on Kastani Beach, the island’s sandiest beach, where shot many scenes from the hit musical movie Mamma Mia. So, due to that fact, the specific beach is the most famous location on Skopelos Island.

Drivers must be very careful while arriving at Kastani since the last 500 m. of the road that leads to the beach is not covered by asphalt. Kastani is a pretty bay of fine, sharp sand with rocks at either end. The pines roll right down to the shore so there is some natural shade. The beach is quiet and has little pebbles among the white sand.

A small jetty appeared briefly but it was only a mock-up, built for the movie set of Mamma Mia and has since, like the film crews and movie stars, vanished leaving no trace of their activities except a war of words with neighboring Skiathos over which island features most in the movie – it is Skopelos and this beach in particular.

At Skopelos Kastani Beach guests can enjoy even more at the modern beach bar. Discover Kastani Beach bar which offers sun umbrellas, loungers, and a variety of refreshments, cocktails, and snacks.

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