Molos Restaurant & Taverna

Traditional food, fish, live music and more
Mobile Phone: +30 694 800 7111

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Molos Restaurant and Taverna offers great views both to the sea and the picturesque harbor of Skopelos Chora. Moreover at the restaurant you can taste quality food, fresh salads and tempting desserts. You can also have an espresso coffee or, if you wish, you can enjoy a drink as soon as your dinner is over.

The beautiful Skopelos, the island of Mamma Mia, magically combines the pine-covered mountains with the crystal blue sea waters. Discovering the island, you are always welcome to enjoy your meal at Molos Restaurant and Taverna. Every day we get fresh fish and seafood from the sea of ​​Skopelos.

Molos Restaurant and Taverna is open from early in the noon and closes late at night. The menu includes dishes cooked to order as well as delicious traditional dishes.  You should taste the twisted cheese pie, as well as the pork with Skopelian honey and rosemary, artichoke tart and cabbage wrapped minced beef with yoghurt. Moreover other choices are pork with plums and apricots, entrecote with rockford and walnuts, rabbit cooked with tsipouro and apricots and much more.

Molos Restaurant and Taverna, next to old port, offers delicious dishes, warm environment as well as excellent service.

Skopelos 370 03 MOLOS RESTAURANT & TAVERNA, Skopelos, Greece
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