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Muses restaurant has been providing high-quality flavors and service, for almost 10 years. Additionally, within this decade it has won the first rating on a similar website.

Furthermore, the success of the muses restaurant is due to the first-class ingredients used, exclusively from local sources. Moreover, all products are always fresh. The restaurant has also the ability to host large groups and cover successful events.

Muses restaurant is located on Skopelos beach in the Town. The location is magnificent since it features idyllic views of the endless sea. In fact, from the Muses Restaurant, you can see the sea and the Chora to Panagitsa of Pyrgos Church. As you arrive from the boat, in Skopelos Port, Muses restaurant is on your left.

The menu satisfies all tastes, even the most demanding ones, as it includes dishes of meat, seafood, and vegetarian meals. Quality food, and delicious flavors in large portions. Muses restaurant has also an excellent variety of wines and beers. The drinks are not only local but also international. The trained staff is very friendly offering highly professional service with courtesy and willingness.

Skopelos 370 03 Muses Restaurant, Skopelos, Greece
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