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The Adrina Taverna is located in Panormos, on Skopelos Island, in the four-star Adrina Beach Hotel. The name Adrina itself is a guarantee of quality and excellent service. Apart from the natural beauty of the landscape, the always friendly owners’ behavior creates a warm environment. In fact, being in Andrina Hotels is like being at home.

Adrina Taverna, in Panormos, is on the wooden deck next to the pool, just a few meters from the beach. With its traditional minimal decoration, authentic Greek quality cuisine, professional service, and good prices, Adrina Taverna is one of the best places to eat in the Sporades.

Furthermore, Adrina taverna offers a relaxing, romantic environment, excellent service, and high-quality dishes. All the ingredients are mainly from the local producers. The lobster is their absolute specialty, along with the excellent fish “kakavia” and the traditional rofos stifado (grouper stew with onions). Daily the local fisherman visits Adrina taverna to show his catch. Therefore you can have every day fresh fish.  The staff weighs the fish in front of you.

Moreover, a range of well-cooked Greek dishes alternates daily. On the menu, you will find delicious flavors such as ground beef with yogurt sauce, chicken bites wrapped in bacon, picania, exquisite octopus, and marinated mussels. Fresh salads, as well as appetizers, can be consumed as a main course.

Additionally in Adrina Taverna, on Skopelos Island, there is a remarkable wine list. For dessert, do not forget to taste the traditional handmade sweets as well as the twisted milk pie! In Adrina Taverna, you can enjoy both your lunch and dinner.

The biggest advantage of Adrina Taverna is the owners themselves. Rodopoulos family every summer is giving their best to satisfy all customer needs.

Panormos 370 03 ADRINA BEACH HOTEL, Panormos, Greece
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