Patsis Christos

Christos Patsis was the oldest craftsman of the knife or "knifeman" on the island of Skopelos.

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Christos Patsis was the oldest craftsman of the knife or “knifeman” on the island of Skopelos.

This particular art is passed from generation to generation. Exists for over 200 years on the island of the Sporades. The oldest “knights” were Thanasis Georgiou, Giannis Lemonis, Panagiotis Asteriadis, and George Koutrelos. His zeal when he was still a small child prompted him to “steal” the art from Asteriadis who did not want to teach it to anyone.

He had a blacksmith where he worked, and the workshop of the “knifeman” opposite him.

Mr. Christos opened the window and watched one-by-one the moves made by the craftsman, from the reflection on the glass.

Since then, and for 65 years, he has been creating historical sculptural knives. The materials he used were stainless steel for the blades, goat horn for the handle, and pine or cypress wood for the pouch.

The means of production he used were the furnace, the wheel, the vena, and the blocks. In order to make a perfect knife, it took at least one day for that reason in a year he made 300-350 knives.

Also, he believed that it was also the reason young people did not want to learn the art. After his own persistence, he taught the art to his son Pantelis Patsis.

Each knife was unique and on top of them was his name and the name of his island: “Christos Patsis – Skopelos”.

Unfortunately, Mr. Patsis has passed away.

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