Prokopiou Ilias

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Skopelos Artists

Elias Prokopiou is a painter and sculptor born in Skopelos and lives permanently on the island.

He has been working from a very young age since he was the eighth child out of nine siblings. Before graduating from school, he worked in the summers during the harvesting of the plums. Later at the age of 13 he got a job at the brick factory of Thanasis Kathiniotis.

Then, when the factory he was working at closed, he went to Athens where he worked in various jobs. Finally in the heavy work of construction. In the time he stayed and worked in Athens and since 1975 he has been active in his trade union, he has been politicized, and thus is how his interest in cultural events as well as his interest in art as an artist began.

He began to read and watch the works of engraver Tassos, Vallia and Semerzidis.

His begins to realize his talent accidentally when he finds a box of watercolors and two small paintbrushes of his children in his house and begins to try to copy a seascape. In the end he succeeds and becomes passionate for painting.

His artistic endeavors make him turn to sculpture where he begins to sculpt stone and wood. The result is to create very beautiful paintings and sculptures and it is worth seeing and admiring them.

He is located in Chora of Skopelos and its phone is 2424024228

370 03 GR
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