Skopelos, Traditional homemade sweets

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Skopelitissa is located in Skopelos Town, offering for the last fifteen years traditional products of exceptional quality. Skopelos Chora is picturesque and very beautiful. There are wonderful cobblestones to walk in. Skopelos Island keeps its traditions alive in the passage of time. Thus, Skopelitissa maintains the traditional recipes of the sweets of Skopelos.

Furthermore, the owners with extra love and enjoyment make fresh traditional sweets, such as the famous Skopelos avgato (a sweet with plums), hamalia (almond sweet), and rozedes (walnuts sweet). Avgato is a spoon sweet or preserve. Hamalia is traditionally Skopelian sweets made with almonds. Rozedes, on the other hand, have walnuts.

Moreover in Skopelitissa, in Skopelos Chora, there is a variety of spoon sweets or preserves. Strawberry, bergamot, cherry, rose, mandarin is some of the flavors you’ll have the chance to try. It is advisable not to leave your purchases at the last minute. Demand is great and pastries are fresh.

Skopelos Island is famous for its green landscape. The combination of the green of nature with the blue of the crystal clear seawater excites the visitors.

In Skopelos, one can visit the Folklore Museum in Skopelos Town to learn about the wonderful traditions and culture of the island. There is also the Folklore Museum in the picturesque Glossa Village.

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