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Vrachos Cafe Bar operates since 1992 in Skopelos Town. Moreover, with a captivating view of Skopelos Port, on a magnificent balcony in Skopelos Chora that literally takes your breath away, Vrachos Cafe Bar continues to be the center of the fun.

During the day you can relax with your coffee while at night you can choose from the many wonderful cocktails on the menu.

To go to Vrachos Bar you need to rise 102 steps. But the unparalleled beauty of the view, the original cocktails, the lounge music, and the exceptionally warm atmosphere will reward you instantly.

Furthermore, the staff, at Vrachos Cafe Bar is friendly and willing to serve you in the best possible way.

Vrachos is a unique cocktail bar. All the cocktails are fabulous mainly because fresh fruits are used. It operates from the early morning offering excellent coffee and stays open until late at night. Vrachos Coffee Bar in Chora gives a special color to the fun and nightlife of Skopelos.

The location Vrachos Cafe Bar in Skopelos Town is ideal for a lovely summer coffee break, or for a refreshing afternoon evening cocktail.  Moreover, the bar offers generous moments of fun. Exquisite is the lounge music choices, perfectly matched with the view and the atmosphere of Vrachos Coffee Bar.

Skopelos 370 03 GR
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