Xintaris Antonis

Antonis Xintaris is the son and worthy continuer of the great Giorgos Xintaris.

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Antonis Xintaris is the son and worthy continuer of the great Giorgos Xintaris.

In the summers, together with his brother Thodoris Xintaris and his father, the well-known rembetis Giorgos Xintaris. He plays rebetika in the famous shop of Skopelos “Anatoli”. In addition to guitar, Antonis also plays bouzouki and baglamas while singing.

He is a graduate of ASOEE and the Statistics Department, but as he has said, will not give up on his “big sister” Anatoli.

His love for music was set very early in Antonis Xidaris. When he was 6 years old his father placed him next to him along with his brother in the famous “Anatoli”. He feels very proud that he has been doing this for all these years and contributing to the continuation and preservation of the rebetiko.

“Anatoli” is one of the best-known venues in Skopelos and its reputation has reached even abroad!

Antonis Xintaris, although becoming famous from a young age, he is a very gentle young man. As all the Xintaris family.

His opinion about the rebetiko song, which he loves so much is the following ” The rebetiko song is and will be timeless. There is no way you can not find a rebetiko song that does not express you in any emotional state, even if you are. The lyrics of these songs are poetry and their music is often symphonic works. This music is in our DNA and it will never be forgotten and never heard “.

In winter, Antonis  Xintaris appears in well-known rebetika hangouts in Athens.

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