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Anthi Valsamaki was born in Athens, and she says, “I consider myself an illustrator and not a hagiographer, a word utopian, in relation to the modern rules of our life. »

She graduated from Athens College, studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts and attended the School of Fine Arts next to Panayiotis Tetsis and Yiannis Moralis and participated in the hagiography workshop of Konstantinos Xinopoulos

She also attended scenography, decoration, and graphic arts courses at the Vakalo School.

For many years, she has been teaching the course “Hagiography Technique – Theory and Practice” in various institutions. Also, she is responsible for the Hagiography Workshop and the Manuscripts of the Institute of Islamic Art at the Benaki Museum.

She was General Secretary of the Friends of the Gennadius Library and of the Friends of the Benaki Museum. While she has painted many temples abroad and of course in Greece.

Mrs. Valsamaki has participated in many conferences and has given a number of thematic lectures in Greece and abroad.

Her writing activities include a large number of books on the art of Byzantine Hagiography.

In 1992 Anthia Valsamaki donated to the Municipality of Skopelos her ancestral home. She participated in the organization and operation of the Folklore Museum, which has been housed there since.

Since the 1980s she has helped to promote and spread the local tradition through the organization of educational and cultural activities, conferences, and recordings of the cultural heritage of the island.

Particularly important is her contribution through the establishment (1994) and operation of the Society of Peparinthian Studies. As well as its participation in the creation of the Mediterranean Photography Center in 1997.

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