Xintaris Yorgos

Giorgos  Xintaris, is one of the greatest Greek rebetes.

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Giorgos  Xintaris, is one of the greatest Greek rebetes. Born in 1952 in Skopelos he has been living in Athens since 1965.

A professional in the bouzouki and singer since 1972, he consistently serves the folk and rebetiko songs, from his start until today. He has all over Greece and has played in all the good places of folk and rebetiko song.

His first job in the capital was as a builder. One day he saw a bouzouki and bought it. He would then play all the melodies he heard at the different taverns. That was his first contact with music.

In 1972-1973 he left construction work and began to play music during the summers in Skopelos at “Delfina”. This is how the great career of Giorgos Xintaris began, which has consistently served the folk-rebetiko song for about 40 years unaffected by trends and fashions.

In 1981 he set up “Rebetiki Istoria” in Athens and was the first place in the capital that one could listen to that kind of music and became a landmark of celebrities as well as actors, musicians, and generally known artists.

Almost at the same time in 1982- he creates Skopelos famous “Anatoli” music establishment. He built the place himself, caring materials with the mule as he has stated.

“Anatoli” is one of the best-known venues in Skopelos and its reputation has reached even abroad!

Giorgos Xintaris is an exemplary artist with a distinct voice and consistency and knowledge of rebetiko. As he has said in the past, “Rebetiko is like the opera. You either hate it or love it. ”

In the summer, visitors to the island can enjoy great rebetiko in its natural place “Anatoli”, along with his children of Antonis and Thodoris. There, besides the very good and quality food, the patrons become all a big company listening to the enchanting voice of Yorgos Xintaris.


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Xintaris Yorgos