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Thodoris Xintaris comes from Skopelos and is the son of the great “rebetis” Giorgos Xintaris

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Skopelos Artists

Thodoris Xintaris comes from Skopelos and is the son of the great “rebetis” Giorgos Xintaris. From whom he developed the love for music. He is one of the most talented musicians of Skopelos.

Thodoris plays bouzouki in the summer and sings with his brother, Antonis, and his father George, in their ouzeri “Anatoli”. rembetiko Skopelos. As he has stated, “Anatoli” has been a great university for him and his brother. And it is no coincidence that he calls it “his big sister”.

Although he has studied Digital Systems at Piraeus University. He is given to music and does not want to practice what he has studied.

Thodoris Xintaris, although he carries – like his brother – his father’s great name. He is grounded with very good views and continues to serve the rebetiko song he loves so much.

He has stated that his associating with rebetika songs was at the beginning on an amateur level, but slowly over the years, and with the help of “Anatoli” of course, he has become a professional about it.

His mentor was and still is the great Yiorgos Xintaris, since next to him he learns new things every day.

You can enjoy Thodoris Xintaris, along with his brother Antonis and his father George during the summers at their ouzeri “Anatoli”, which has been operating since 1982. At Anatoli, there is not only delicious and quality food, but also the patrons become all a big company listening to the enchanting voice of Yorgos Xintaris. Furthermore, the views are incredible, you can see all the Aegean since Anatoli is built real high next to Skopelos kastro.

Ιn winter, Thodoris  Xintaris appears in well-known rebetika hangouts in Athens.


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