Folklore Museum of Skopelos

The Folklore Museum of Skopelos is housed in one of the mansions of Skopelos from the 18th century.

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Skopelos Folklore Museum is in Skopelos Chora.  The Folklore Museum of Skopelos is housed in one of the mansions of Skopelos from the 18th century. Specifically in the Nikolaidis Family Mansion. The building was originally built in 1795.  Unfortunately, it suffered a lot of damage in the 1963 earthquakes.  Nevertheless, the family restored the mansion to its old glory in 1971. Nikolaidis family donated the mansion to the municipality of Skopelos in 1991.

At Skopelos, Folklore Museum visitors will get a picture of what a household of the past century looked like. Actually, by visiting the Museum visitors will come closer to the culture of Skopelos. A museum is not just a building but a live institution that connects the past with the present.

People of the eldest generation have also donated to the Museum’s original embroideries and hand-carved furniture. Therefore, most of the exhibits come mainly from donations from families of Skopelos.


At the Folklore Museum of Skopelos, visitors will admire the traditional outfit of the island. Especially the clothes of the bride are very unique, covered with a lot of details. Even the girl who was holding the Greek flag in Atlanta’s Olympic Games in 1996 wore the Skopelos bridal costume

Moreover, at the Museum you will find a great selection of knives, ceramics (most of them created by Rodios family), and paintings. As well as, the special collection of the small replicas of boats of the well-known craftsman Triantafilo Boudala.

On the ground floor, there is the sitting room where the fireplace was.  On the second floor is the bridal bedroom where are all the traditional bride dowry and the crib of the baby. ​While at the basement of the mansion one can admire everyday items as well as farming tools.

So, paying a visit to the Folklore Museum is well worth it.  Since you get a sense of the great artwork that the people of Skopelos have created.


The Nikolaidis Folklore Museum of Skopelos is open from April to September.

Opening hours: During the summer season it is open daily 8:00-15:00 and 18:30-23:00. On weekends 10:30-14:00 and 18:30-23:00.

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